Faron Young
You Don't Know Me

1. I've Got Five Dollars

2. Hello Walls

3. A Place For Girls Like You

4. She Went A Little Bit Further

5. You Don't Know Me

6. I Guess I Had Too Much To Dream About Last Night

7. Goin' Steady

8. Unmitigated Gall

9. I Miss You Already

10. I Just Came To Get My Baby

11. Sweet Dreams

12. If You Ain't Lovin' You Ain't Livin

13. Alone WIth You

14. You Had A Call

15. Live Fast Love Hard Die Young

Executive Producer: Thomas Gramuglia
Produced by: Scott Oliver for Daddy-O-Digital Music
Co-Produced by: Raymond Barrett
Mastered by: Jeff Baggett for Franklin Mastering
Original Master Tape Transfers by: John Jungklaus
Graphic Design and Art Layout by: Scott Cain

Faron Young has always been a force to be reckoned with both in his personal life and, his professional one.

From the time of his youth growing up on a small dairy farm in Shreveport, La. to the time of his death in December of 1996.

My Dad was considered by his peers to be a "Singer's singer" and, an "Entertainer's entertainer". He was without a doubt one of the finest vocalist to ever sing a country song. His songs and, his style are still as relevant today as they were back in the 50's when he burst onto the stage's of The Louisiana Hayride, The Grand Ole Opry and, eventually the world.

Over the years so many of my fathers fans have told me how shocked & saddened they were when they learned of his passing but, they embraced the memories of seeing him perform and cherished the music that he left behind.

It seemed to most of them that a part of traditional country music as well as a part of their lives had ended. Faron Young had sang his last song, taken his last bow. Their memories and,their record collections would have to fill the void from now on.

Or would they...................................

This album is a collection of very rare, one of a kind recordings that to be honest with you most people did not even know existed anymore. These rare treasures were part of a collection made up of live performance, old radio shows and, studio cuts that my father made many years ago and authorized for release .

They sat lost and forgotten for years. Until recently discovered and brought back to life by Hindsight Records. Many of these recordings had suffered the ravages of time. Many were performances that were cut on old Acetate pressings that were in those days played one time on radio shows and then destroyed. They have been painstakingly restored to modern stereo digital quality. While many of the songs on this album are established hit's that my father recorded during his life. This album essentially represents a brand new Faron Young album.

Something that I and my father's fans never thought we would ever see again in our lifetimes.

These recordings capture the original feel of the bygone era from which they came. While being presented in an enhanced audio experience that just did not and could not exist back in the day.  

The title song You Don't Know Me is possibly the rarest gem of them all on this album. Had this song ever been released as a single I have no doubt that it would have become a huge hit for my Dad. I think his version of this classic hit is the best that I have ever heard. Bar None!

The 50 plus year career of Faron Young spanned from a time when everyone sang with a twang. To a time when the whiskey & smoke filled Honky Tonk's mellowed his voice to a " Country ' Dean Martin or Nat King Cole type quality. Faron Young is a Country Music Hall Of Fame Member and, a Legend. He lived fast, loved hard, ( and, to many ) died too young.

And, to this day he still remains........................ a force to be reckoned with.

Robyn Young

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