Mickey Gilley
Here I Am Again

1. City Lights
Bill Anderson
SONY/ATV Tree Publishing o/b/o Bill Anderson Music

2. I Got This Drinkin' Thing
Wayne Carson Thompson
Bike Music o/b/o Lovolar Music

3. Swining Doors
Merle Haggard
SONY/ATV Tree Publishing

4. Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You)
Jimmy Hodges
Songs Of Universal, Inc.

5. I Overlooked An Orchid
Carl Story, Carl Smith, Shirly Lynn
Peer International Corp

6. Faded Love
Bob Wills, John Wills
WB Music Corp

7. You Win Again
Hank Williams, Sr.
SONY/ATV Acuff Rose Music

8. Room Full Of Shoes
Tim Spencer
Clearbox Rights, LLC o/b/o Tim Spencer Music Co., Inc.

9. Please Leave Me Forever
Ollie Blanchard, Johnnie Malone
OBCB Music Publishing/Kobalt Music Pub America o/b/o OBCB Music Pub/Bike Music o/b/o Bravo and Encore Music

10. She Called Me Baby
Harlan Howard
EMI Music Publishing Ltd. o/b/o Beechwood Music Corp.

11. Turn Around (I'll Be Following You)
Carl Perkins
Wren Music Co. o/b/o Carl Perkins Music, Inc.

12. Don't Be Angry
Wade Jackson
SONY/ATV Acuff Rose Music

13. The Wild Side Of Life [Cracker Barrel Exclusive Bonus Track]
W. Warren/A.A. Carter
Publisher Represented by HFA
EMI Unart Catalog, Inc.

14. San Antonio Rose [Cracker Barrel Exclusive Bonus Track]
Bob Wills
Bourne Co.

Executive Producer: Thomas Gramuglia
Original Recording and Mixing: Scotty Moore
Original Master Tape Transfers: John Jungklaus
Produced by: Les Brown, Jr.
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by: Ron Treat at Mansion Studio (Branson, MO)
Graphic Design: Nashville CD Design

Liner Notes by: Mike GIlley and Les Brown, Jr.

As a young man of 21 hangin' out at Gilley's in Pasadena, Texas, I watched my father performing many of these songs for couples who wanted to “boot-scoot” to his honky-tonk style of piano playing. His cousin, Jerry Lee Lewis, had created the style that dad decided to use for his dancers.

Dad's first #1 hit came about as kind of an accident. He and the band had gone into the studio to record “Call me Baby, Baby all Night Long,” and they needed to have a song for the flip or “B” side so they recorded “Room Full of Roses.”

Dad carried the 45 single to a Houston DJ named Bruce Nelson to ask if he would play it on his radio show. Mr. Nelson asked which side Dad wanted him to play, and Dad said, “I don't care as long as you mention my club, Gilley's.” After listening to both sides, Mr. Nelson decided to play “Room Full of Roses” which became Dad's first #1 record, followed by “I Overlooked an Orchid” and “City Lights,” all of which are on this CD.

The original recordings included here had very minimal production with Dad on vocals and his small band. Country Rewind Records has enhanced the recordings with instrumentation and background vocals while keeping the integrity of the originals.

I hope you enjoy these songs from the early days and find they will take you back in time as they did me.

Mickey Gilley, Jr.

In 2004, I moved the Les Brown and His Band of Renown show to the Mickey Gilley Theater in Branson, Missouri where we performed over 200 shows, and I became great friends with Mickey. And after experiencing his show, I was most impressed by his power as a singer, musician, and entertainer.

I had the blessing of being born into show business as the son of Les Brown. As a result I had the opportunity to meet and study all of the greatest entertainers and singers of that era and what it was that made them stand out from all the rest. First, they were easily recognizable, and second, they were great entertainers. These two traits set them apart from their peers.

Mickey Gilley certainly fills that bill. Not only is his sound very distinctive, but he is one of the best entertainers I've ever seen. There is never a dull moment in a Mickey Gilley show. He's had seventeen number one hits sung with passion and understanding and a magnificent sense of humor that to this day has kept audiences coming back for more and has garnered him numerous awards along the way.

These never before released original recordings were done relatively early in Mickey's career at a time when Mickey was just coming off his first two number #1 hit records, “A Room Full of Roses” and “I Overlooked an Orchid.” The recordings simply featured Mickey on piano and vocals, a guitar, a steel guitar, bass, and drums and all songs were recorded “live” with no re-takes.

When approached by Tom Gramuglia, president of Country Rewind Records, to re-produce the original recordings and bring in other instruments and background vocals, I jumped at the chance. I enlisted some of the best talent in the business to help with the project including: arrangers John Raczka and David Orlando; guitarist Gary Myers; vocalist and arranger Jana King Evans, and award-winning engineer Ron Treat.

The results are what you hear now. As I kept listening to the lyrics of the songs, a recurring theme kept appearing to me, a story of fading love, misunderstanding, breakup, loneliness, and drowning one's sorrows in honky tonks.

I want to thank Tom Gramuglia for giving me this opportunity and everyone who added their talents to this project but mostly to the man and the artist who has my everlasting respect and friendship, Mickey Gilley.

Les Brown, Jr.

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